Unified Communications

Today’s organizations are looking for technologies that improve employee productivity and efficiency through practical communication tools enabling for teamwork regardless of employee location. This means integrating all the tools that connect and enrich employee work experience by providing the tools necessary for social networking paradigms, video, discussion forums, and customized business applications. Turn your phone system into a multi-faceted communications toolbox.

Unified Communications brings your team the ability to:
  • Stay in touch with management, customers and co-workers who are either across the hall, across the country, or across the world.
  • Share presentations with clients via a simple web interface.
  • Meet face-to-face via peer-to-peer video and room based conferencing.
  • Cut travel costs, delays and geographic inhibitors dramatically with the ability to set up presentations and discussions at a moment’s notice.
  • Enable remote workers to engage with onsite staff as if they were in the same office or conference room.
  • Enable management the ability to hire the right person for the job, no matter where they live
  • Extend your desktop tools (phone and computer) to your smartphone
  • Start a call on your desk phone and move it seamlessly to your smartphone, or vice versa, while continuing a conversation
  • Transform your mobile device into a mobile workstation while maintaining a professional identity.
  • Work like a pro from your favorite device—including the Apple Watch.
  • Give your iOS and Android devices high-performance Unified Communications (UC) features.
  • Integrate your mobile device with your business telephone system for fully featured performance while hiding your personal phone numbers from clients or customers.
  • Ensure secure enterprise communications.
  • Alleviate IT security concerns.
  • Available for premises based systems as an appliance or virtualized/cloud based application.
  • Simplify system management and deployment with a single solution for all UC systems.
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