Premise Telephone

Considering installing a new or replacement Premise “based” Telephone (PBX) system? Trying to decide between the advantages of a Digital Telephone System or if you should stay with the traditional Premise based Telephone (PBX) system? These questions are common in today’s ever-changing world, it’s good to wonder which options might be best, there are strategic reasons why you would consider staying with the traditional premise based PBX phone systems vs other types of systems that have not typically been offered in years past. Let CRCs team of experts explore the options and help you decide the correct solution for your business. Below are but a few factors to consider:

Control: Do you currently have IT Staff trained and available? Is your staff accustomed to managing and maintaining onsite communications system? Is your company required to control their own data for security or privacy reason? If you said yes to any of these, owning your own premise based PBX Phone System might be the way to go. Many companies simply feel more comfortable knowing they are in control of all maintenance, management, and upgrades.

Capital or Expenses: Does your company prefer to capitalize major purchases versus utilizing telephone service as a monthly operational expense? If yes to capitalizing major purchases, then you are a strong candidate for an onsite business phone system. Regardless of our preference, lower monthly telephone service is still available by using VoIP to manage your inbound and outbound telephone calls Vs. getting away from the traditional telephone system carriers analog service.

Leverage Current Investments: If you manage your telephone and data network in-house, your company may be a good candidate to utilize your existing data servers for telephone service as well. With the growth of virtualization, more and more businesses have eliminated redundant and expensive servers, relying instead on VMware and Hyper-V technologies to share hardware resources across an array of applications. Think about it, you could have your phone system on the same server as your business applications software.