Business Internet Service

We offer internet services that are scalable from SoHo (small business home office) offerings to Priority Business Service packages and custom Enterprise connections. We work with our Customers to design the right solution and deliver a superior internet experience.

Enterprise Customers
  • Symmetrical High Speed Internet Access with Access up to 200Mbps
  • Year Round 24/7 Tech Support

  • Business Services
  • No Data Limits
  • Speeds from 8Mb to 25Mb Symmetrical Internet Access
  • Technical Support: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

  • CRC and Wirefree Communications are dedicated to provide a positive internet experience. In addition to not implementing data caps, we promise our customers that there will be:

  • No blocking or discrimination of legal content, applications, services, users or non-harmful devices.
  • No throttling, degradation or impaired access to lawful Internet traffic on the basis of content, applications or services, as long as they do not violate Wirefree's Acceptable Use Policy.
  • No prioritization of traffic over other traffic by techniques such as traffic shaping, prioritization or resource reservation.